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America's Auto Movers FAQ

When you sign up for an auto transport service to ship your car, there are a few questions you may have about the process. Commonly asked questions of America's Auto Movers auto transport services include:

What documents will I need to complete the process of signing up and having my vehicle transported?

The documents needed depend on the auto transport company in which you choose to work with to transport your vehicle. In most instances, you need to provide a copy of your car’s insurance policy, the title to the vehicle and a form that you will fill out together that inspects any preexisting damage to the vehicle.

I need to have a car shipped that I purchased online; can that be shipped?

Yes, in fact, America’s Auto Movers provides car shipping rates and quotes from companies that specialize in transporting cars purchased elsewhere to owners located a few miles away, or several thousand. This is a great way to avoid putting unnecessary miles on the vehicle and to save on the costs of making a trip just for the purpose of bringing the car home, which can be an expense you don’t need to incur.

Can I afford vehicle transport?

You may be surprised to learn just how comparable and affordable auto transport is when you add up the costs of trying to transport the vehicle yourself. Shipping rates do depend on the type of transport you opt to use as well as the distance across which you are shipping your car. However, America’s Auto Movers provides quotes that can cater to just about any budget, so it is within reach of anyone that needs to get their vehicle from one point to the next.

How do I decide on a mode of transport?

It’s best to work with whichever auto transport company you choose from the quotes provided to you by America’s Auto Movers. Once you discuss your car’s make, model and year as well as your transport goals in terms of where the car is going, the condition it is in currently, etc., the transport company can make sound suggestions on possibilities for transport. The end goal is always to get your vehicle where it’s going in the best possible condition and without incident.

Is it possible to pack my car with other items I need transported?

This is never a good idea, since the auto transport company of your choice is not likely to be covered to carry other items. Your car is insured during travel, but not the personal effects in it. Many people still opt to take this route, putting a few things in the back seat or trunk, but keep in mind that should something happen to your items along the way, you are responsible for the loss.

How long does transport take?

It depends on where your vehicle is going and your chosen method of transport. America’s Auto Movers provides quotes from a slew of different companies, many of which can put a rush on your order if you need your car delivered quickly.

Is my car inspected when it’s picked up/dropped off?

Both when you drop your car off or should you schedule to have it picked up, you and the auto transport company representative will sign off on any existing damage done to the vehicle. When the car is returned to you, the same process will occur to ensure that you and the company concur there is no new damage to the vehicle.

How do I prepare my vehicle for transport?

Clean it out of all personal effects before dropping it off or scheduling a pick-up. You might also make sure it has enough gas to make it to your destination upon arrival and double-check all fluids and gauges to make sure everything is in good working order.