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“We used America’s Auto Movers to find a transport company to move our vehicle from New York state to Florida. We are re-locating for retirement and wanted the move to be as easy as possible. We not only got information back fast, but we got enough quotes to help us make an informed decision that was right for our budget. We couldn’t have been more pleased.”

Carolyn M., Florida

“I have a 1956 Mustang, a beautiful classic car that I have spent countless hours and years restoring to its original state. I planned to showcase it at a car show in Atlantic City, but didn’t want to risk driving it on the open road to get it to the show. America’s Auto Movers suggested a transport company that was top rate. It offered enclosed transport for my car, which made it to the car show and even won a prize.”

Hal S., Missouri

“I was transferred for work to a position overseas and needed to get my car there. America’s Auto Movers took care of everything, without me spending time I didn’t have to locate a transport company.”

Jennifer L., Barcelona, Spain

“America’s Auto Movers is hands down the best site for figuring out how to ship your car because it has a good amount of information on it. There are a lot of auto transport sites out there, but this one is the most comprehensive I’ve ever used.”

Sam B., Texas