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Our Car Transport Services

car shipping and transport servicesAmerica’s Auto Movers offers a wide array of car transport services and the best part is that the companies with which we partner provide transport services that are fast, convenient and affordable. This is particularly helpful when you are moving and you're the only person available to move your belongings; you can’t try to drive both the moving truck and your car, which is where America’s Auto Movers comes in. We offer you quotes from auto transport companies that can take the burden off of you to move by getting your car where you need it to be and in the time frame in which you need it to be there.

Auto shipping services offered through America’s Auto Movers include:

Open Auto Transport: This is the traditional method of transporting vehicles and is perfect for common makes and models of cars and trucks. It is the budget-friendly option that still provides an increased level of protection over simply driving your car yourself in the moving process. If you’ve ever glimpsed a vehicle transport on the open highway, this is likely the type you’ve seen.

Enclosed Auto Transport: Perhaps your car is a special type of vehicle, such as a classic car or custom vehicle and you want to ensure that the transport process will protect your vehicle. Enclosed transport will keep your car inside of a truck to protect it from the elements as it is being delivered. This ensures that any custom paint jobs, accessories or other special aspects of the vehicle will remain intact during transport.

Flatbed Truck Transport: For cars that need to be moved without regard to the elements, but still under the confines of the transport company’s insurance, this is an optimal method of transport. It is not a good option for cars that are expensive and is definitely budget-friendly.

International Auto Transport: America’s Auto Transport isn’t necessarily just for transporting vehicles in America. In addition to domestic quotes, the website also offers quotes back for international shipping to help get your vehicle overseas. Additionally, if you’ve purchased a foreign vehicle and need to get it back home, you can utilize this shipping option to do so.

When you are moving across the city, state or country, it makes sense to utilize an auto transport company based in the U.S. for access to the lowest possible transport rates. This is the most practical option that won’t be too rough on your budget.

You might wonder if it’s feasible to search the Internet for auto shipping rates. Actually, this is the best way to find a service that is going to work best for your needs. America’s Auto Transport does all of the online legwork for you; you don’t have to go from site to site to find different rates and auto transport service offerings. We do the legwork for you to save you time and money. Moreover, we deliver any information you need on shipping your vehicle, so that you are an informed consumer that understands the value of the service in which you are investing your financial resources.

The most important aspect of choosing an auto transport service is knowing what the transport company offers and what services you have access to when you opt to go with said company. For example, is there a specific time frame in which the vehicle will be delivered to you? Will they deliver it right to you or will you need to pick it up from the nearest depot? What is the company’s policy should something go wrong during transport? This is all information you should request before you sign on the dotted line.